Melanie Da Silva, Brazil Bakery & Pastry, Toronto, Canada

Food can mean an array of things. The biggest, survival!

But beyond the ‘slap in your face, duh!’ reason, food to me is family, tradition, and culture. It’s a language on its own. For myself as a member of a family-owned and operated bakery, food is my life. It’s not only my livelihood but it is my passion.

Falling in love with food was the easy part for me. After all, I grew up with Portuguese pastry and bread traditions basically embedded in my skin. I believe that food keeps culture alive, the authenticity of going to a country and eating their food is beyond any replica. I know that every time I go to Portugal I’m hitting up every bakery in town as I do here in Toronto.

At the end of it all, food consoles, food brings back memories, and food brings home to a new home. 

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